My work uses filmmaking, graphic communication design, publishing, objects and installation to explore social and cultural issues. My projects investigate the semiotics of the everyday, the landscape of things that hide in plain sight, often by using typology and juxtaposition to examine connections and contradictions between them.

I originally graduated and worked for many years as a graphic designer, before later moving into landscape design, writing and occasionally working as a film director’s assistant. I recently completed an MA (with Distinction) at Central Saint Martins, which gave me the space to experiment with drawing these fields and experiences together, through making short films, books and staging the occasional quiet public intervention.

I started this blog as a process journal for my MA research, and have carried it on because there are certain themes that run through my work irrespective of the project. It’s interesting to watch them evolve.

In case you’re wondering about the site’s name, it’s kind of a standing joke phrase in my house. Partly a riff off the disingenuity of Vonnegut’s  ‘Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt’, but also inspired by a scene witnessed some years ago in which the proprietor of a respected London lifestyle store & eatery quietly screamed the words ‘This Is Not My Vision!’ at her shame-faced staff for their meagre visual merchandising efforts. It’s the gap between the our ‘brands’ and our real lives.