Barriers (in everyday life) 2

I am trying to explore less obvious barriers. These are all original photographs (at least for the time being) with some notes, in order:

‘Card only’ self-scan checkouts prohibit the use of cash transactions.

A glass cabinet in a designer clothes store enabling the exhibiting of small expensive items susceptible to theft. Customers can see them without being able to touch them.

Windows are of course barriers, but the blinds behind them are also. They allow the light in without letting passers-by see inside.

There is much building work around Kings Cross at present, and printed screens are useful for concealing ugly building sites and temporary structures. Here they are used to create a pop-up bucolic back drop to some temporary planting.

Security tops on alcohol as a barrier to underage purchasing.

At Central Saint Martins this large metal door (for larger items to go through) sits to the side of the central security barriers area. The perforated metal screen presumably provides enough structural strength while allowing the light through, together with visual access and a sense of the continuation of the floor space between public and institution.

A public urinal in Amsterdam, surrounded by a coiled walk-in metal structure for convenience and privacy, with perforations in the upper section to enable some visibility.

A woman wearing a chador. A symbol of her religious faith and also screen-like clothing for modesty and privacy.


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