Plan for symposium presentation

On Monday we workshopped the elements from our research and iterations that rang out and could be formed into the presentation. I’m in the process of gathering filmed clips of obstructions, with a view to clustering them and pulling out a few to dwell on or split-screen for direct comparisons.

They are all static shots so far and I’d like to try some movement to demonstrate first person interaction, so I have borrowed a handheld gimbal (for stabilisation) from the loan store to experiment with over the weekend. I may start with a question and possibly other words along the way, either as title cards or embedded into the film in some way.

I’m also going to see if I can chat on camera with one or two people on the matter, for the symposium but probably for the paper too. I’m starting with Jeremy Till, head of CSM (yay!), who has kindly agreed to talk to me later today. I had quoted him before in my written briefs, and having watched his recent lecture Design Beyond The Object (link below), I thought it would be very interesting to see what responses he had to a few questions I’ve prepared concerning the overlap with my own research. Watch this space.

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